Application for AI

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Application for AI

Post by Stan1813 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:59 am

State full in-game name:
Before continuing the aplication read the rules. (See below for Arcadian Ice's rules.)
"over 587 times"
Have you read the rules and do you agree to abide by every alliance rule?
"over 587 times"
How old are you
How long have you played WOL?
like 2 years
What are your former alliances?
What are your reasons for leaving your alliance?
i wanted to lvl up my legends faster n make new friends
What do you think you can offer this alliance?
If i join Ai i would help with everything i can, res,troops n help deff a member again someone whos attacking him
What do you feel this alliance can offer you?
I will i can learn more about WOL in this alliance
How do you deal with another player that attacks you for no apparent reason?
msg the person who attacked me asking why he attacked me n if h doesnt repply back i would talk with any officers of my alliance n explaining that that person hit me for no reason
Are you willing to help another alliance member, regardless of the outcome to your personal resource/gold/army status?
yes i would b happy to help another alliance member cux i know diff members would do the same for me
How much is your rep gain per week?
10mil or more sometimes deppends how much time i have to get on WOL


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