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Post by xeracty on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:38 pm

State full in-game name: xeracty82

Before continuing the aplication read the rules. (See below for Arcadian Ice's rules.)

Have you read the rules and do you agree to abide by every alliance rule? yeah all clear

How old are you : 20

How long have you played WOL? well i played in WL server long time ago and was like 10m rep around and quit and now here,

What are your former alliances? Nothing much rlly

What are your reasons for leaving your alliance?I randomly joined when i was started and stayed like 5ppl activite inside anyway

What do you think you can offer this alliance?I would def like to say Friendship and help as much as i can(even tho im low rep)

What do you feel this alliance can offer you?I have few friends in AI but also power ofc coming with friendship and such

How do you deal with another player that attacks you for no apparent reason? Pm them first and see whats happening or goes on

Are you willing to help another alliance member, regardless of the outcome to your personal resource/gold/army status? Yep

How much is your rep gain per week? Well im activite and on almost everyday, rising and getting there Smile


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