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applying for membership

Post by Shortie. on Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:23 am

State full in-game name: Shortie

Before continuing the aplication read the rules. (See below for Arcadian Ice's rules.)

Have you read the rules and do you agree to abide by every alliance rule? yes

How old are you 19

How long have you played WOL? a little over a year now

What are your former alliances? FD, HH, DP,

What are your reasons for leaving your alliance? FD - war issues, HH & DP where/are being disband,

What do you think you can offer this alliance? a consistent player, decent reping, a new family member in AI

What do you feel this alliance can offer you? any PvP information would be nice, im more PvE, and a new home.

How do you deal with another player that attacks you for no apparent reason? if its a FC try my best to defend, if its a sub or cap set deffence,

Are you willing to help another alliance member, regardless of the outcome to your personal resource/gold/army status? yes

How much is your rep gain per week? depending on troops, and whats going on in real life, but i try to avg about 50-100m a week at least


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